Welcome to Fangtasia where I'm gonna do bad things to you!

I'll suck the blood from your warm body...

and leave you weak and helpless.

You'll keep coming back to give me more.

I'm gonna do bad things to you.

We sleep by day and roam by night.

Searching for the blood we need to

keep our undead lives going on for centuries.

I'm gonna do real bad things to you.

We're very sexual Vampires and looking for sex always.

You may be chosen to be my next donor.

I'll take your virginity and seal your fate.

Type A or B.... O negative or postive is all the same.

You'll need blood after I am done draining yours.

I'll keep doing bad things with you.

I'm your maker and I'll make you do what I say.

You'll serve your Mistress Sam by day and night.
Synthetic Blood
V Blood
2257 Compliant

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    First 10 Humans/Vampires Drink Free All Night!
Where Drinking and Biting Definately Mix.
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Luc My bad slave is in punishment mode. He's jerking hard and fast 5 times a day until he drains that bad blood from his system.He's trying to earn his way back into My stable. Serve Mistress properly and that may happen.
"Oh blood oh blood oh where can you be ...
Don't you know don't you know I'm freaking hungry"
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