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New Year For New Slaves

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Gifts of cash and gift cards gladly accepted and appreciated on amazon.com and on Niteflirt.com. Happy New Year you filthy varmints! 


Thankful Turkeys.

Thursday, November 28th, 2013
Looking For Sluts

Teacher Mistress Sam

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to give thanks. I do! I give thanks for all I have and I need not mention names. I’m also thankful for the turkeys who died and the turkeys who serve me. Lol. Gobble Gobble turkeys, slaves, sluts, subbies, and cuckies. You boys know who I’m talking about.

After you’ve stuffed your stomachs come and stuff some other places. I can suggest a few places for you. I’ve eaten and saving my pie for later. I am available to take all your calls now and the rest of the night.

Gobble Gobble!


Serving Mistress SensuousSam

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

 I’ve had a few very good slaves and subbies lately but they could be better. My stable has room for more loyal servants. You can always improve upon your serving manners. I think you should make that a new resolution to improve upon all your manners. Not just to your Mistress Sam but to all women in general. Lol. Don’t roll your eyes or scoff at what I’m typing here. I can assure you better manners will help you all in many ways. Rewards or at least kinder thoughts may come your way. Try it and see for yourself. Not from your Mistress Sam of course. Lol. If I’m not busting your balls that’s a kindness you should appreciate or else.

Now I am planning on some new assignments and maybe a few new mp3s to tease and entice you naughty boys. I have to decide if I want them to be fun or if I want them to be punishment. The punishing ones sound like fun to me but you naughty boys can make me laugh whatever I choose.

Maybe I’ll have a little game where you summit ideas and I choose what I think is more fun. Think sluts, slaves, subs, and naughty assignments. Yes I think I have another good idea here.

I’ll be adding some new buttons for the game so watch for them on My www.niteflirt.com/SensuousSam listings.



It’s My Birthday! And… It’s All About ME!

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

It’s my birthday! Tell me subbies, sluts, and slaves… What are you doing for ME today?

Call now!

Tribute now!

Gobble Gobble You Turkeys

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all My boys out there. Enjoy your dinner then sneak off to a private place for a sexy call with your favorite Mistress. My phone will be on.  If you can’t call then send those tributes for My Black Friday shopping. My recorded lines will be available  for those who can’t talk. You can buy My MP3s if you want a longer enticement. Wank away My subs, My slaves, My sissies, and all you little cuckolds. A day of feasting and yearning. I know the urges are there and growing stronger by the minute. All you piggies want more than the meal on your table. Thinking all those dirty nasty thoughts while forcing that food down. Lol. You can’t wait to escape to the garage or basement for a call, can you? It’s so hard to sit still with all that throbbing in your shorts. Well hurry up My little sluts. I’ll be expecting those naughty calls now.

Mistress Sensuous Sam

Check My site for some entertainment and I have a few jokes pages you can hide behind if you risk getting caught.



Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

I’m not going to post anything about religion or my beliefs here. I’m more about tasks for my little bunny boys. I’ll call this one Bunny Tails….. Makes you wonder what that could entail. Lol. Tail, butt, ass, etc. Well it certainly doesn’t involve my ass unless it’s telling you to worship it or kiss it. You slaves can do that everyday. Ok back to my assignment for Easter. You boys will have to buy my pay to view to get anymore details.  It may be sweet. It may be messy. It may be fun. It may be humiliating….for you.It may involve all of these things. Or none at all. I know you’ll enjoy it as you have all my tasks and assignments before. Buy it now and anticipate the fun while you wait for some alone time to perform for Mistress Sam. I’ll give you one clue….cotton balls. Lol. I know that clue helped. When you’ve finished the assignment you can write me a report on your results and send to me in my niteflirt mail. I love reading the results of my little tasks and I may post to my blog or my site…omitting names if you ask me nicely. Go to my slave shop or flirt store for more assignments. I also will remind you of my birthday this month. Look for my buttons and send my gift cards on amazon.com…Click them many times and Tributes are always welcomed.

  Bunny Tails $20.00

Looking For Sluts

Teacher Mistress Sam

Masturbation Month

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I know my pictures make you want to masturbate right now. Lol. Naughty boys. You can only touch yourself when I say you can touch yourself. You little strokers always need my help. My assignments or my sexy voice does it for you boys. My pics put you over edge! See how well I know you all. Lol.

I have a few stroking games for you as well as my phone calls. You can play my games or listen to my recordings. I have prepared for all your naughtiness. All you need to do is find my buttons and click them to buy your choice of stroking tools.

I know your little head is doing your thinking now so you have to have help. Follow my instructions little ones and you may get your wish fulfilled.

May Is Masturbation Month Stroking....for some.



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Whore Hunt Game

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Here’s the slut “who” was the winner or close in our Whore Hunt Game sometime ago. She didn’t set any record but did complete the assignments in my game. I thought I would post a couple pics so you subbies can see what a slut looks like dressed. Don’t get too excited by her slutty looks. Call me to hear more about my games.

Slut in a dress.

More on my Whore Hunt Game page winner.


Any Questions?

Whore Hunt Winner

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Looking For Sluts

Looking For Sluts

We have a winner such as it is. Lol. A slut did send in some pitiful pics and proof that she did the assignments. At least she “could” read and follow some instructions. I will post a  pic or two if I decide to reveal her.

I admit I am disappointed in many of our subs overall in the game. You sluts and subbies will ask and beg for more to do then you fail us almost completely. Oh well you weak little boys have no excuse and so it goes with you. Game buttons will stay up and for sale…no deadline or crowns offered. Buy them sluts!

Maybe I should put my efforts in dealing more with straight guys……nahhhh ! You subbies, cucks, and sissies can be a lot of fun at times.

Btw: I have added a few FREE samples of my mp3s for you boys to try. Listen and become enticed to buy the whole mp3. FREE should make your little cocks and weenies stand to attention. Lol.

Look for them on my site www.sensuoussam.com and niteflirt.com/sensuoussam listings.  Hello My Little Puppets

Whore Hunt Winning Slut

Whore Hunt Game Still On

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Call Mistress Sam

Come on boys the Game isn’t over yet. Keep buying and playing. I have a few good sluts in the running for the semi-finals. Keep those proof pics and other proof coming in boys. You’ll find the buttons on my blog and on my flirt store widget. Remember deadline is Sept.30th. for the first phase.

Sluts can call if you are afraid to play the Whore Hunt Game. Just don’t expect any clues to the Game. Lol.

I’m off to watch the Gator’s Game today. Go Gators! My phone stays with me at all times sluts for your calls no fear.

Stroke for Mistress SamStroke for Mistress Sam