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Stroking In September

Monday, August 30th, 2010


September Stroking....for some.

NiteFlirt.com flirts are ready for Stroke in September. You boys better to ready for us flirts. Mistress’s, Domina’s, Goddess’s, and Princess’s for those stroking needs. Or in some cases Denial of stroking. Lol. Which one are you going to be?


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Dommes Times Four

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

 Explore but remember control is what you’ll find in our assignments.

Hot Ass August

Yesterday was fun sharing pay to view emails with several Domina’s so I’ve decided to try it again today. We’ve added another young Goddess to our circle for you boys to experience her heavy hand. Dominance is the rule here so no trying to top one of us Domina’s.

Remember we each have our specialties.

I will start mine with a nice pay to view called Body Wash. If you are into submissive or humiliation you’ll certainly enjoy this little gem. I start each on my pay to view with a list of items you will need. A picture or a report is required after this assignment. Calls during this may excuse you….No slackers here or you may get dropped from our emails.

Mistress Sensuous Sam:

Now what a lovely variety of assignments and teases for you boys! Do get busy and fill them all!

From Goddess Bella Donna:
I will start mine out with a 12 ½ minute Video Recording. A nice little painful guided masturbation guide. You will be required to use rope, clamps, a ruler or belt, and a large dildo / vibrator on your ass. If you have a problem being forced to lick the dildo clean after you may not want to go there. I expect those instructions to be followed very carefully.

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Now for more lovely PPV’s from my fellow Ladies:

Princess Karina:



Teen Queen Samantha:

Sexy video of me masturbating!

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Watch my video and then call me!

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Triple Threat Dommes

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Hot Fire Cracker...Happy 4th 2010

Call your Mistress Sam

The only thing I can think of being more fun than a Mistress is three of them. Lol.

Yes! You read correctly. Three Goddesses. A younger Queen, a BBW Goddess, and a mature Domina. We have a special threat for you boys. See if you can accomplish all our assignments and come crawling back for more.

You naughty boys are in for such a treat. Three Domina’s willing to waste our time on you little worms. It’s only due to boredom that we have decided to allow you such a treat.

 You little worms will pay us to be entertained by yourselves. You’re always asking us to entertain you…well the tables have turned suckers. Pay us for each ptv or forever be cumless.

 Our teasing, torture, humiliating sessions will thrill you. We shall find your limits or exceed them.

 Once all three Domina’s have been satisfied you have accomplished our assignments we may allow your release. Denial is a favorite of mine.

 The photos had better be clear and precise or no reward for you worms.

 My tease, torture, and humiliation ptv should give you a little taste of what you can expect from Mistress SensuousSam at times. This assignment is only a sample of what I can demand from a little worm like you boys. I include a shopping list in all my assignments.

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 Continuing this three ring circus of mind manipulation and cock testing is the seductive Teen Tease Queen Samantha….

Teen Queen Samantha it’s your turn now. Take it or them away….


 ““Hey there  little boys. I have a very special assignment for you. One of my very favorite things is masturbation control with some tease and denial. It’s also a must when testing your endurance, or lack thereof. You know, if you are REALLY good little boys and can do ALL of your assignments perfectly, you just MIGHT get a special reward. Do you really want to make an impression? Then you’ll complete every single one. Of course, if you feel that you might need a little help, I can do that for you. All you need to do is give me a call and then, we can just go through your assignment together. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to enhance the entire experience? Naturally, it’s up to you how you choose to do them but I do feel that we can BOTH enjoy it so much more on the phone. So what do you think?  Can you make it through my assignment, and go on to Goddess Bella Donna’s as well?  Let’s find out!”


call me:

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You are such lucky boys today. The other day over our morning coffee chat on yahoo we have decided that just maybe you little sluts are able to amuse us properly.

Now we know that you are having the hardest time ever even going through one of us without cuming into your poor little hands, but we challenge you to withstand your orgasm until you have accomplish each PPV in turn!

Last but not least let Goddess Bella Donna our German Goddess test your resolve with her 3 day endurance draining / training for little wankers.
Time for me to see just how well you can hold your cock water in boys and in this case you even get to enter a little competition if you can complete it all the way through. Yes I know it might be hard but boys you need to learn to strive for endurance.

Time for me to see just how well you can hold your cock water in boys and in this case you even get to enter a little competition if you can complete it all the way through. Yes I know it might be hard but boys you need to learn to strive for endurance.

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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Look guys when you troll understand there are many Mistresses online for potentional business. We don’t give away our expertise for free. We may troll ourselves aol, yahoo, msn, and paltalk for new or old clients. Remember when one of you disrespects a Mistress the word will spread.

We like meeting new guys or introducing you to our lifestyle but we don’t take any crap off you wankers. We are not here for your needs. It’s all about “us”!

Now when you can show respect you can ask a Mistress to serve her. Follow our rules or get kicked to the curb real quick. Once I ban you I don’t often reconsider. If you’re banned or blocked it’s a long road back into a Mistress’s graces.

And no drama in my rooms or on my blogs.