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My Goody Bags Are Wanking Good

October 19th, 2014

My Goody Bags are for all you wankers.  Wankers are all you boys who need a little help jerking off, masturbating, spanking the monkey, cumming, etc. There is written and recorded material and something for everyone.  Str8 to sissies. Panty boys and foodies. Don’t forget the enticing pictures to please you or make your blood boil. Not only your blood but those naughty nasty juices you’ve been holding back for those alone minutes. Wanking for you little minute men and the real men who say they can last for hours.

Cum one, cum all. Cumming is a wonderful thing.

Get yourself comfortable and start browsing My Goody Bags now you nasty naughty late cummers.

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 $20.00 MP3s Samples

$10.00 Cuckold Training

$25.00 Pie Hole Tart

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$10.00 Small Is Not Acceptable

$25.00 Snowballs for Losers

$5.00 Superbowl Stroke

$20.00 VILF Vampire Curse

$10.00 Worship My Sexy Ass

$10.00 Toe Sucking

Thankful Turkeys.

November 28th, 2013
Looking For Sluts

Teacher Mistress Sam

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is a day to give thanks. I do! I give thanks for all I have and I need not mention names. I’m also thankful for the turkeys who died and the turkeys who serve me. Lol. Gobble Gobble turkeys, slaves, sluts, subbies, and cuckies. You boys know who I’m talking about.

After you’ve stuffed your stomachs come and stuff some other places. I can suggest a few places for you. I’ve eaten and saving my pie for later. I am available to take all your calls now and the rest of the night.

Gobble Gobble!


Serving Mistress SensuousSam

November 9th, 2013

 I’ve had a few very good slaves and subbies lately but they could be better. My stable has room for more loyal servants. You can always improve upon your serving manners. I think you should make that a new resolution to improve upon all your manners. Not just to your Mistress Sam but to all women in general. Lol. Don’t roll your eyes or scoff at what I’m typing here. I can assure you better manners will help you all in many ways. Rewards or at least kinder thoughts may come your way. Try it and see for yourself. Not from your Mistress Sam of course. Lol. If I’m not busting your balls that’s a kindness you should appreciate or else.

Now I am planning on some new assignments and maybe a few new mp3s to tease and entice you naughty boys. I have to decide if I want them to be fun or if I want them to be punishment. The punishing ones sound like fun to me but you naughty boys can make me laugh whatever I choose.

Maybe I’ll have a little game where you summit ideas and I choose what I think is more fun. Think sluts, slaves, subs, and naughty assignments. Yes I think I have another good idea here.

I’ll be adding some new buttons for the game so watch for them on My www.niteflirt.com/SensuousSam listings.



Summer Time For Sluts

May 31st, 2013

Wake up sluts the summer time will not be easy for you. If you want to cum more you better improve your performance. That means more buying, more gifts, more tributes, and better serving Mistress Sam and my flirt friends. You bitch boys have been slacking off and we are not happy with you at all.

You remind me of some of those cheap ass politicians in DC. Wanting everything for nothing. You got to pay to play losers.  Start earning the way to a cum or you’re going to have a very dry summer.




tribute$15 tribute$25



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Thankful Days

May 25th, 2013




We all must remember to give thanks to all our military men and women. Past, present, and future. Without them where would we be?

Well since some of you have the day off from work and need a little stimulation you can buy a few of My assignments and satisfy your little urges. Steal a bit of time away from the family and company and wank away. Some are short and some are longer demanding more private time. Choose and choose well My Puppets. Have fun. Check out My Listings on Niteflirt.com/SensuousSam and

     My Slave Shop.

For the occasion here’s a few ideas.

My Red, White, and Blue  $25 assignment.

Next is My Sticky Stroking reduced today to $5.

Then Mellon Ballers $30  Small Cock Contest $10 

Body Wash $10 Cocksucking $10

Green Veggies $10 Fucking Yourself $15

Hot Fire Cracker...Happy 4th 2010

Call your Mistress Sam


It’s My Birthday! And… It’s All About ME!

April 23rd, 2013

It’s my birthday! Tell me subbies, sluts, and slaves… What are you doing for ME today?

Call now!

Tribute now!

Lovers, Losers, and Limp Lizards.

February 9th, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

   It’s that time of year again. You lovers treat,    spoil, and adore the person controlling your life. You losers pay, obey, and worship your Mistress who really controls your miserable world . You limp lizards beg, crawl, whine, and accept any small crumb offered on your existence .

There you are wondering “what category do I fall under”?

I will venture a guess that many of you are all three. So that being the case you will serve all of us.


You will start here with Mistress Sam! My first buyer will receive something special! My selections are varied and has something to fit all your wallets. Choose wisely now boys.

My buttons all link to My amazon wishlist.











Gobble Gobble You Turkeys

November 20th, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all My boys out there. Enjoy your dinner then sneak off to a private place for a sexy call with your favorite Mistress. My phone will be on.  If you can’t call then send those tributes for My Black Friday shopping. My recorded lines will be available  for those who can’t talk. You can buy My MP3s if you want a longer enticement. Wank away My subs, My slaves, My sissies, and all you little cuckolds. A day of feasting and yearning. I know the urges are there and growing stronger by the minute. All you piggies want more than the meal on your table. Thinking all those dirty nasty thoughts while forcing that food down. Lol. You can’t wait to escape to the garage or basement for a call, can you? It’s so hard to sit still with all that throbbing in your shorts. Well hurry up My little sluts. I’ll be expecting those naughty calls now.

Mistress Sensuous Sam

Check My site for some entertainment and I have a few jokes pages you can hide behind if you risk getting caught.


New Slave Contracts

September 8th, 2012

Mistress Sam

Call SensuousSam






     This Blog is All About My Money!

It’s time for some new slaves. My boys seem to be lacking and it’s time for some new blood…err money. If you boys can’t pick up the slack move on. I have no time for little boys playing at serving this Mistress. Make your intentions known now by paying those tributes and by sending gifts. Your calls tell Me one thing and your tributes tell another story.

I may be from Florida but I’m still a “Show Me” Mistress type. Show Me money, cash, tributes, gifts, etc. I have many buttons and wishlists out there and on all My NiteFlirt.com listings and all My sites. Empty promises mean nothing to Me! For those sorry types that need a tangible good for their money…buy something!

I have sessions, tasks, pictures, and other items to appease those type. If you need a personal message then pay for a custom mp3. I do require a 50% deposit beforehand.

You can be placed on My websites when you earn that place. I may be persuaded with a great tribute at times.

I may feel like watching your cam after you have bought My cam ID’s and if I am at My computer. This all while on a call with Me through NiteFlirt.com. Once a call ends so does your cam time. I do not waste My time in messaging on any chat sites. My buttons say if I am on or not. Try calling before any messages.

Remember at All times “who” is  Mistress Sam here!












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Mistress Sam

My New Slave

July 11th, 2012
Looking For Sluts

Teacher Mistress Sam

I’ve been busy as usual but I did take some time out to train My newest slave. Not that a slave is ever trained completely. A slave is a long and sometimes boring task.  I do admit to having fun on a few tasks though. Some slaves are more fun than other’s too. My newest slave has been prompt about following My orders and tasks. He’s been prompt about sending his tributes and fees as well. (A lesson you other slaves, subs, and cucks could follow.) Remember a happy Mistress can mean a happier submissive. Anyway I have been amusing Myself with a few sessions when the Florida heat keeps Me inside. I thought I would share a few pictures of what My slave has been doing to entertain his Mistress Sam. I think his new panties look humiliating on him but enjoy them and think “You could be next.” That is “if I choose you to serve Me.” I hate begging subs and remember money talks. Lol.  Actually it shows your willingness to serve Me!

New Panty Tag

Tag showing new panties

I belong to Mistress Sam!

Ripped stockings was wrong choice.