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Douche Bags and Other Whiners

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Teacher Mistress Sam

I was rushing this morning to run some errands and decided to fire off a rare mass email to my niteflirt callers. I could have ignored you all but generous me (lol) sent the mail. I come back to a mail in my inbox telling me how “he doesn’t like sharing my time with my public life”. Lmao. My reply was rejected as his blocking my emails. Get over yourself and suck it up Petunia.

Further investigation of this twerp reveals he has spent zero dollars in so long my notes show nothing. However I do have him on my list as a constant emailer begging for freebies. Haha wrong Mistress to try that fuckwad. Well he is now “Blocked” and will remain blocked until Domesday.

Now on to more important matters. Anything but losers like little Petunia.

It’s hot as hell outside here in Florida. Rain is so wanted and needed to cool things down. Sex doesn’t seem as relaxing in this 100+ degree heat.

So come on boys make my day..try to cool me off with a long slow sexy call. Hell I would even welcome a kink or fetish call right now. (Sorry capncrunch your 1 minute doesn’t count.)

Let’s share some wild or kinky experience or just chat and catch up guys. I hear there are some real great parties happening tonight in Orlando areas. BDSM’s and Swinger’s parties and of course the Gay bashes all over. Everyone is ready for this heat spell to break. Last bash before school starts for many. Those damn early nights and even earlier mornings. Yuck!

Your middle of the night calls have been pretty good and I expect plenty more tonight during or after your debauchery.

Call and let me hear the fun you’re having or let’s make our own.

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I also have some new pics of one of my sissybois I’ll have to post soon. Jamie is such a good little slut. Lol.

Mistress Sam's Slutboi Jamie

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