Friday, October 19, 2018 16:44

Holidays Are Cumming………..Cum Along

Spoil Mistress Sam

You boys need a cum and think about poor Santa only cumming once a year. What a deprived guy he is. Lol. I think Santa is a cuckold. Or maybe he’s kinky with all those elves. Hmmm sends a few pictures through my mind. A party with Santa as the sex slave entertainment. Hey that’s a great idea for a holiday tale in my ptv’s. I know you sluts would buy that to wank to. Imagine yourself in that little outfit……. more to follow that theme.

New Rant….I am so over these political liars. Why the fuck don’t they just admit they want to take from the poor and give to the rich? No wonder they don’t want to offer us health care. If we don’t get health care and get really sick we’ll die….Problem solved! I am really starting to hate anyone making more than the average guy…err…I mean person. Of course average is now dirt poor or unemployed. What happened to our land of plenty? What happened to the “American Dream”? The rich bastards took it I say! You’re damn right I say they “stole” it from all the hard working average joe. Retired people work their whole lives and can’t afford to eat now. Where the fuck did the kindness to strangers end? Driving limos, eating fancy meals at plush restaurants, flying to foreign places for the weekend vacations, and refusing to see the dying and starving right here in their own backyards. Oh sorry that’s too close for them I guess.

Ok I’ll get off my soapbox now. It makes me so mad. Lol. My whip is warmed up and I’d love to get at some of those ass’s.

I’ll post a little humor for you guys to give you a laugh today. It did make me lol.

Once there was a guy named Fred who was in the bathroom. He was sitting there doing his business when some guy goes in the stall next to him.   All of a sudden he says: “Hi, sweetie. How was your day?” Fred was a little weirded out but, being polite, says: “Good.” Then he said: “Is everything going alright?” “Um, yea”, said Fred, now very uncomfortable. The man next to him then said: “Can I come over?” “No.” Fred was just trying to get out of the bathroom. “Why?” the man asked. “Because well, you..” Fred hastened to finish.   Then the guy said, irritated: “Honey I have to call you back. Some idiot in the next stall keeps answering all my questions!”

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