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Independence Weekend.

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

 I bet all you guys are enjoying the Holiday and may be partied OUT! Over doing even a good thing can cause some fallout. Lol. Hangovers! Sunburn! Over eating! And too much company. Not enough alone time! Lol. See I know what you naughty boys need and want. I told you boys to load up or prepare for the long weekends or a long vacation with some reading, listening, and visual material. Aka porn, naked pics, naughty mp3s, maybe a few assignments and stroking materials.  Lol. Now you’re crying that you have blue balls. Oh well you should have listened to Me! You’ll have to call Me to tell Me how sorry your ass is being denied a cum. Lol. I should charge you double for a whine session and maybe I will. Send Me a nice Tribute “before” you place that sad call to complain. I am not your therapist because you don’t pay Me that high of a rate. Lol. I can become your therapist at $125.oo a minute and that’s a discount rate. I know what you can do and that’s to buy My Goodies. I did add a few new ones lately and you need to buy them and leave “Thumbs Up” as feedback. You boys are slacking in feedbacks on calls, pay to views, and Goodies. You want more offers of assignments and goodies then you better leave good feedbacks and thumbs up. Appreciation is the best form of flattery. Oh and cash money. Lol.

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Teacher Mistress Sam

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Ignore Until I Break you.  $50.00

My SwampSluts for you T and A guys.  $20.00