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My New Slave

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
Looking For Sluts

Teacher Mistress Sam

I’ve been busy as usual but I did take some time out to train My newest slave. Not that a slave is ever trained completely. A slave is a long and sometimes boring task.  I do admit to having fun on a few tasks though. Some slaves are more fun than other’s too. My newest slave has been prompt about following My orders and tasks. He’s been prompt about sending his tributes and fees as well. (A lesson you other slaves, subs, and cucks could follow.) Remember a happy Mistress can mean a happier submissive. Anyway I have been amusing Myself with a few sessions when the Florida heat keeps Me inside. I thought I would share a few pictures of what My slave has been doing to entertain his Mistress Sam. I think his new panties look humiliating on him but enjoy them and think “You could be next.” That is “if I choose you to serve Me.” I hate begging subs and remember money talks. Lol.  Actually it shows your willingness to serve Me!

New Panty Tag

Tag showing new panties

I belong to Mistress Sam!

Ripped stockings was wrong choice.