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Warm Days Ahead

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

I hope you guys are enjoying the sun and warm weather,if you live where it’s getting a little warmer. Here in sunny Florida the sun has been bright and hot a few days. The beaches are getting more appealing to me. Although I enjoy walking the beach year round. I can even remember walking a beach up north when it was snow covered. Lol. You know most women say they love walks on the beach anytime. I really do. Rain, snow, or sun. Sun may be my least favorite time since I have to think about sunburns and sun poisoning, then skin cancer. Not a very happy picture now is it? Remember boys always use that sun screen and limit your time in the sun even if you’re swimming. (Now that’s my Drs. advice for the day. Haha.)

I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day, I did! My boys really treated me well. Thanks for all the lovely gifts of chocolates, lingerie, and gift cards. The flowers were beautiful but sadly die rather quickly. That’s why I prefer ecards. <wink wink>

Easter will be coming soon and I hope I am treated as well on that holiday. I love kinky little bunnies. Lol. Chocolate one too. I am a chocoholic…my only vice. Good chocolate only!

I’m running out for the weekend so my phone will be off and on so keep trying me you horny guys. I’ll be enjoying the sun, among other things. Check my sites for many options while I’m away or busy. My lessons, assignments, pictures, and mp3s will keep you entertained for a long time. Keep clicking those buy buttons and explore the free stuff.

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Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

A day for love…so they say. I say a day for kink and sexy calls. You know you guys need a day off or a day away with your online Mistress. Long sexy hot calls with a sensual voice that makes you squirm. I’ll be here and expecting many of you boys to call me. I’m also excepting Tributes and all gifts. Make my day by being a good boy. Amazon for my ecards and niteflirt has many buttons. If you don’t like just tributing then you can buy something from me. I have assignments, training sessions, mp3s for all your fetishes. I also have loads of sexy hot pictures on my listings and on my site @   My Flirt Store link or lister has a lot more. Just look for them anywhere under my  Click click boys now. You’ll need a good jerk that day with or without a kinky call.