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2010 Sucks So Far

Monday, May 31st, 2010
Teacher To All Boys

Teacher To All Boys

This year has sucked for me all the way around. Illness, hosting issues, economy, etc., etc., etc.

I am hoping you boy’s year has been a little better. I have posted to this blog since Xmas 2009 but where they went I haven’t a clue. Not being too trained in html hurts at times.

So I am back (for the time being I hope) and ready to play. NiteFlirt is working for me so you can call me. Use my button below or on my site. I want calls. Men with needs should try me.

I want gifts. I want slaves. I want submissives. I want sissies. The call is out for them now you start running. My is open for email gift cards from $5 to $1000 or higher if amazon allows it. I’m very particular about gifts so I prefer to buy my own…you provide the cash for my shopping trips.

My site has been up and down due to my sucky hosting issues lately. I keep replacing it so keep trying if my link happens to be down. I need a whip that will reach across large bodies of water. Lol.

Call Me!

Hello My Little Puppets

Warning: I don’t do anything illegal or against my moral code. No underage, no¬†incest, no animals. And anything else I find against my tastes.