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No New News On NF

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Sam_s_pic_l250ebustSorry doesn’t seem to be any new news about the transition on NiteFlirt. Many are making calls using the beta program and many can not. I can only see niteflirt on aol/ie as many are having the same issue. Firefox and all browsers I have tried seem to be blocking the beta site. So it seems to be a hit and miss option for many flirts and customers. Try it yourself   From my homepage you may be able to access me and make a call.  I have changed my call buttons on a few pages of my site and they might work for you. My blog buttons here have changed too. Some with red x does work too. It’s all very glitchy and beyond my knowledge. will be back never fear. It may take a little longer to get kinks out but phone sex will be back better or as good as before. Keep Calling!  Use my blogs and site for more.

Call your Mistress Sam

Delay, Delay, Delay, Maybe Today

Thursday, September 17th, 2009






 Sorry Guys NiteFlirt is having issues with the new platform. NiteFlirt’s new target is sometime today. They are keeping us posted on Twitter.

 I guess the moving of so much data and getting it in the right spot caused them problems. It’s better if they get it right the first try than have it keep going up and down. Hmmmm that doesn’t sound so bad..up…down…Lol. Joking.

We have to keep a positive attitude. NiteFlirt techs have been working around the clock trying to get the new platform up and running like we were before the transition. I know they must be exhausted I would be.

Meanwhile we all got a little down time. Call it an unpaid vacation. I know my bank account will be slim. It would be nice to get a few tributes from my favorites. Well hell any tributes would be wonderful anytime. Unfortunately our NiteFlirt buttons won’t work right now. You can use under my name and my mail  Check my site for more information

I hope to hear from you very soon. Go browse my site for a few thrills. TTYS

Pending Upgrades To

Saturday, September 5th, 2009
Call SensuousSam

Call SensuousSam

I wanted to give you guys a heads up about pending upgrades to We’ve been told as early as next week they will start some major improvements to the system. While they are doing these upgrades the site may be down for a few hours one day. Hopefully it will only take a few hours and they’ll have NiteFlirt back up and running smoothly. Please be patient with us and our new system. We will lose a few of our tools while they are upgrading and that will make us find ways to work around them. All of us flirts are doing our best to maintain the same service as we always try to give.
However we’ll be missing a few things. Our customer lists will be gone for awhile, along with our customer notes. Our email function may be affected so be patient if you don’t receive emails back from us promptly or if we don’t email our thank yous out.
Our ability to make new buttons or attachments could be missing for awhile as well.
We have tried to make up for tools we rely on daily by placing our call buttons and pay to view items on our personal sites and blogs.
You may not be able to find us by surfing pages like you’re used to but we will remain in your favorites we have been assured by niteflirt’s staff. If you try surfing you may have to dive deeper to find us as they have taken our bidding/featuring ability away also.
We all hope this transition will go smoothly and quickly. NiteFlirt has promised us the site will be much better and not as glitchy when finished.
They promised all your calls should go as smoothly as they have been. So keep calling guys!
Anyway I have all my call buttons and pay to views on my sites and blogs for your pleasure. So please continue to use them as you always have. My links are all here and on my site.