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You Wanna Be Teacher's Pet!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Do you want to be Teacher's Pet?

Do you want to be Teacher's Pet?


School is open and the Teacher is in. It’s time for some higher education for you boys now. You’re never too old to learn some new lessons. I have assignments and some hard lessons for you naughty boys. Don’t make me send you to the office or my punishments will be harsh. Standing in the corner won’t be what I do to you. My lessons involve getting stripped and you will get messy. Squeemish need not apply to my school. Your higher schooling may send you to the big house. My guards don’t tolerate slackers at anytime. If you feel brave enough go ahead and apply.

I'm Back And Ready For Calls

Friday, August 14th, 2009
Call your Mistress Sam

Call your Mistress Sam

Come on boys I want to hear how kinky you’ve been. I was off relaxing and having some fun of my own. Let’s share our experiences now. Your best story may get you a little something extra. Haha. I said “may”. You’ll have to tell me something I haven’t already heard boys. It can be shocking but nothing against my and niteflirt’s rules. Check out my sites and listings for some teasing.  I finally put up a voice clip for you curious but reluctant guys.

I keep promising a member’s site and I plan to start work on that again. Keep my links handy boys or memorize my name. (If you haven’t already lol.