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Panty Lovers

Monday, July 27th, 2009

sam2border_legal1I had a short call earlier today from a panty lover. His wife left for work and he grabbed a couple pair of her panties from the hamper. He was in heaven sniffing those worn panties and stroking his little cock. Lol. I had him wrap one pair around his cock and stroke better that way. He loved the feeling of satin sliding up and down while he jacked off.

Needless to say he didn’t last too long. Damn where are the long time wankers lately? I need a few that can actually last more than a few minutes. Even you sisssies can hold out when I tell you to stop.

On another note I’ve been busy posting a few new stories from my friend Kristi and her men friends. Plus making a few naughty mp3s for you boys to listen to or buy when you can’t make a live call to me. Check my listings, my flirt store, and my website has plenty to offer all you guys and use my 3 free minute banner and get free minutes if you’re calling as a new customer with a new credit card and phone number. Check my personal site for the banner. I have something for everyone. Lol. Men or sissies anyway.

Pantyhose Lovers

Sunday, July 19th, 2009


I had a nice long call from a pantyhose lover. He was wearing a sheer black pair and was very excited about wearing them. I helped him complete his outfit. He added a black lacy bra, a short mini skirt in shiny black leather, and a lacy off the shoulder midriff blouse. He also had a pair of black patent leather 5 inch heels.

We painted his fingernails a fuck me red polish and lips with a bright red lipstick to make him more whorish looking. We added a pale blue eyeshadow and two coats of black mascara. H e likes a short brunette wig so he wore that too.

I had him add gold loops in his ears and a gold anglet. His clutch purse was on laying on his shoulder with a gold chain.

What a site he was all dressed for a lover of crossdressing. We then discussed where he was going to find a stud to make him really feel like a girl. He hasn’t called back today to share his night out so I think he might still be with the lucky guy.

I’m available for your calls while waiting for my latest slut to check in. I enjoy training sissies and cuckolds. I even give advice on how you boys can try to please a woman. Lol.

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Time For Horny Calls

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I have been getting a few short calls from you horny guys. My flirt store sales have picked up so I am assuming you guys have to sneak a little naughty play in between other summer duties. Just remember I am on all night for late night calls or early morning before work. A short call can help you relieve stress or other things. Find a quiet corner (or closet), a short trip to the store, or a late night session in your car.  

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Summer Days

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

It’s such a beautiful day in sunny Florida. I hope all you boys are enjoying the same. I’m lazy and watching tv while I wait for my favorite guys to call me.

I have been busy watching cnn and all the tributes to Michael Jackson. What a terrible loss. His family must miss him so much more than his fans even. We have to keep his memories alive as I’m sure with his music legacy he will live forever.

I have gotten a few erotic calls from my sissy and cuckolds. If you have an experience or fantasy to share give me a call now or anytime. I love talking about sex always. Lol. So if you can sneak in a few minutes or longer dial that phone now. Let’s share this hot day and make it hotter. SensuousSam is waiting.

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